Who will Dashing X Portal assist?

Dashing X Brand Management Platform assists marketers, creative teams, sales, and franchisees to create efficient campaigns at scale. Multi-outlet business can execute their local area marketing and keep brand consistency, all in one place.

What is a Brand Management Platform?

The Brand Management Platform allows businesses to store and manage all marketing content related to their brand in one place. Dashing X goes beyond with extra features for marketing execution, print facilities, digital content administration, social media components, and campaign management.

Do I still need a designer to create campaigns?

There is no need for a designer to create campaigns when using Dashing X, you will find tailored templates for your brand within the platform and will be able to edit the content to suit your promotion. Marketing collateral can then be sent directly to our printing factory, your existing supplier, or your digital channels.

When should Dashing X be implemented?

Dashing X is ideal for multi-outlet business or franchise networks, it should be used every time you need to create marketing campaigns and produce collateral for your local area.

Can I change my Dashing X templates to produce marketing materials?

Our platform requires standard InDesign files to be supplied to Dashing. Our team of developers and designers will then upload your files into our system for your network to use. Any changes or requests can be made through our simple request website.

How does the Dashing X Workflow Approval tool work?

You can get the most out of your assets with a range of approval and sharing features built for and with collaborative retail marketing teams just like yours. The tool allows team members to review and approve designs.

Does Dashing X allow different user roles and permissions?

Yes! We can create users for particular roles with different levels of access to streamline the workflow. There is a wide range of flexibility within our user permission controls.

Can I send an asset from Dashing X directly to printing and get it delivered?

The platform allows the ease of document creation online without desktop publishing tools, ready to print. Output documents are set up as high resolution with print profiles, crop and bleed marks. Dashing X handles print production for small items, like business cards, and large items, like retail POS – posters, shelf strips, and header boards. We can integrate with your identified printing network or supply the print-ready outputs. Based on your specific requirements of weight and volume, we use a freight aggregator to find the best value freight solution to fit your business, delivering throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Can I customize the look and feel of my platform to represent my brand?

Yes! We have developed our platform with customisable settings, so your portal is on-brand. You can change colours, fonts, logos, banners, backgrounds, and icons.

How does the Digital Asset Management feature works?

Spend more time on experiences and less time searching for and adapting content. Dashing X gives you the automation and smart tools to quickly source, adapt, and deliver your assets across audiences and channels. The DAM feature allows storage of any type of file
within the platform. Files can be categorised by folders in the platform, and it includes a search tool to locate dynamic templates.

Can I integrate Dashing X with other platforms or software?

Dashing X is an open platform, so it integrates seamlessly with tools to help you manage your marketing and streamline your workflow.
The portal is compatible with most platforms, as it links with [xyz]. Integrated features include Salmat mail distribution, Fairfax press bookings, Wellcom DAM, and Five Faces Digital Screen Content Management System. Our Single Sign-On supports Microsoft Active Directory, Google Authenticator, and more.

Can I manage my budget on the Dashing X Platform?

Empower Head Office users to allocate budget and credit to your network at the store, territory, and state level. Adjustments can be made simply within the budget management tool by authorised users.

Does Dashing X provide any reporting?

Run live usage reports on marketing assets and see how your platform is used in real-time. Our detailed reports can tell you everything that happens, by user, by file, and overall.

What is the difference between Dashing X and simpler graphic design platforms?

Dashing X is specifically developed for your business, ensuring brand consistency across your network. We create tailored templates that can be used by marketers on all levels, with no need for designers. Simpler graphic design platforms, such as Canva, are suitable for companies with flexible designs with no strict brand guidelines. The Dashing X Platform works as a Local Area Marketing (LAM) Hub, including customer insights, detailed reporting, and the availability of a large network of strategic partners to help you achieve the best results.

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