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Dashing X Point of Difference

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Combining targeted insights with training and best practice guidance to help customers
leverage the Portal to its full capability.

LAM HUB: Dashing X is your one stop Local Area Marketing (LAM) HUB, the primary platform to grow your business.

PARTNERS NETWORK: Strategic partners that combine both Martech and Print integrations to extend the
functionality of the Portal and drive growth.


Create price tickets for products at a store level. Perfect for brands with a large number of SKUs.

Head office teams or Department Managers have the ability to create Point Of Sale (POS) ticketing collateral, all with pre-filled information such as offers, dates, discounts and more. These can then be placed onto the platform for local outlets to download or print.

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Budgeting Tool

Allows users to spend within a set amount for their territory.

Empower Head Office users to allocate a collateral creation budget or credit to your network at a store, territory and state level. Adjustments can be made simply within the budget management tool by authorised users and then outlets can order items up to that amount as needed.

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Develop a suite of special initiative, deal and themed collateral for outlets to access at the right time.

Head Office can then select which specific campaign items are assigned to each store per campaign when they’re available and customise it as part of a larger strategy to ensure an effective rollout.

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Digital Asset

Create image and content folders that link to your templates for controlled customisation of branded materials. Specific stores will only see images that are relevant to their market.

Our DAM feature allows the team to store any type of branding files, photos and dynamic templates within the platform for specific outlets to access. Spend less time manually searching for and adapting content with one portal containing all your branding assets – all in one location. Dashing Portal also provides automation and smart tools to quickly source, adapt and deliver your assets across audiences, territories and channels.

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Direct Mail

A mapping and booking tool that allows you to print and book your mail distribution at a store level and surrounding territory.

Unaddressed Mail Distribution allows users to select maps in their local area to create a mail campaign distribution, choose either Salmat and AusPost as delivery options, and organise printing quantities based on the chosen area. Maps can be set up by suburb, postcode or kilometre radius and can even manage territory crossover.


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Group Buying Tool

A collective group buying system for large networks, self-managed by the network to access greater savings.

Allow territories or outlets to take full advantage of economies of scale pricing when it comes to the printing and distribution of Head Office approved campaigns by combining orders with each other. One location can select a product and set a cut off date, then use the Dashing X platform to notify the network to opt-in via the ‘Get On Board’ feature. All outlets can then all benefit from the collective savings of group buying.


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Live Usage
and Inventory

Dynamic and real-time reporting view for Head office and Admin users

Keep track of statistics, data and trends which all provide insights into the whole network’s usage, purchase behaviours and campaign activities. This also allows you to measure return on investment and initiative performance.


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